Windows 8 Tips

How to Start or Disable Services In Windows 7

You can Start or Disable services in Windows 7 according to you need. Services is the Small Program or Process which used to start or disable specific feature of your Computer. If you want to disable any feature on your…
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How to Disable the Lock Screen in Windows 8.1

disable the lock screen in windows 8.1

You can Disable the Lock Screen In Windows 8.1 through Group Policy Editor. A Screen Just before login screen which is show Information known as Lock Screen. Its Show Current Time and date on your Lock Screen. After Click on…
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How to Enable Write Protection On USB Flash Drive

Enable Write Protection USB Flash Drive

Enable Write Protection USB Flash Drive is the best way to prevent your Pen-Drive Data to Change or Delete. These feature also will prevent your Flash Drive from Virus effected computer. You can use Write Protected Flash Drive in Virus…
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