What is WINS Server in Computer Networking must know

In this post you will learn What is WINS Server. WINS (Window internet name service) Server resolve the query with the help of Netbios. Netbios is the name of computer its maximum character length is 15 character, 14 character  provide by user and 1 character provide by OS for its internal information.

What is WINS Server

  • Wins can work in work group as well as in domain.
  • Wins is integrated with ADS , DNS and DHCP.
  • Wins server have own database with the help of this database Wins ca resolve query.
  • It store the database in the file that file known as lmhost.sam
  • In which system Wins install that system know as WINS server.
What is WINS Server

Replication In Wins-:  If any Wins server do not capable to resolve the query itself then it will transfer that query another wins server.

                          Types of replication 
Full replication -: In full replication Wins server will replicate the total information to another Wins server each and every time.
Partial replication -: In partial replication Wins server will replicate only new changes or information to another wins server.
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