What is VLAN (Virtual LAN)

VLAN(Virtual LAN ) is a method which can make logical group without changing physical location of switch. Virtual LAN uses logical group of user besides there geographical location. when in a switch VLAN has not created that switch has only one VLAN that is known as default . In the Default VLAN all port of switch assign to the default VLAN and it is uses single  broadcast domain.

What is VLAN


What is VLAN

Virtual LAN are broadcast domain define between switch allow to control broadcast domain it means frame broadcast on to the network are only switched between the port logically grouped with in the same VLAN. Its create Separate broadcast Domain.
Administrator can put some switch port VLAN 10 and some port to VLAN 20 . Broadcast between these device will not seen by any other port. we can put a group of user in a specific VLAN which is related to user and different group of user will not communicate with each other

There are Two type of VLAN

1. Static VLAN –  Static VLAN increase the Security Because network administrator manually Create it and  assign port to the VLAN. In Static if the user change port then he can not access connect with that VLAN. 


2. Dynamic VLAN-  In Dynamic Automatically  assign port to the VlAN. whenever any device want to connect with port then MAC address automatically stored in Database. when any device connect with Unassigned port then  VMPS (VLAN Management Policy Server ) look for the MAC address of that Device. VMPS (VLAN Management policy server used for the Dynamically address of VLANs

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