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Windows Administrator must know what is user profile in computer networking. A Profile is a collection of setting which are stored in special type of registry file. The window server profile are used to enable the user Desktop setting and Operation system. The user profile specify the right of a user for controlling certainĀ  type of change that a user can do to his working environment.

What is User profile


There are three Type of User Profile

  • Local Profile-: Local profile is automatically created by Operating system. It allow a user to save alter his profile and save the change for future . The user can change his personal profile from log on session to another.
  • Mandatory Profile-: Mandatory profile is created by Administrator of Domain controller . It allow a user to make change to his profile and but does not allow the user to save these change in his profile for future log on session . The mandatory profile can be updated by the Administrator. The user will get same desktop setting till user will log off , shutdown or Restart the Computer.
  • Roaming profile -: Roaming profile is also created by Administrator of Domain Controller . But manage by the user. whenever user will log on in network he will get desktop from Domain controller and all the change made by user related to desktop setting that setting will be save in centralized location . Roaming Profile create ntuser.dat file and load the file in Domain computer.
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