What is SSL-Secure Socket Layer Protocol

SSL-Secure Socket Layer Protocol is a developed by Netscape for transmission data over the internet. SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) Protocol is designed to provide security, and encryption to the data generated from application layer. SSL Protocol mainly used for Authenticated and Encrypted connection between a Client and a Server. SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) Protocol used public key to Encrypt data. This Encrypted data sent over a SSL connection, after that decrypted at the receiving end using a privet key. SSL Protocol is supported by Netscape Navigater and Internet Explorer. This Protocol is used by many website to obtain confidential user information, such as credit card number, web pages, that use SSL have URLs starting with HTTPS. HTTPS stand for Hypertext transport protocol with SSL.

SSL-Secure Socket Layer Protocol


If data will transmit in plain text without encrypted and there no authentication. then any body and sniff data and get you Important Information. There is a feature is Hashing, Hashing used to prevent data during transmission. Its responsible for secure data communication between two Machine. For Authentication purpose its used public key and Privet key. Its mainly used to establish secure and encrypted channel bet Email Client and Email Server.

SSL-Secure Socket Layer ProtocolExample -:

MS Outlook – Email Client

Exchange Server – Email Server

The Difference Service provided by SSL for the data received by an Application Layer are:

  • Fragmentation – SSL divided the data into block of 2 power of 14 bytes or less.
  • Compression – Optional Service. The fragment of data is compress using the lossless compression method negotiated between client and server.
  • Message Integrity – SSL uses a key hash function to create a Message Authentication Code (MAC) for preserving the integrity of data.
  • Confidentiality – The Original data and MAC is encrypted using symmetric key cryptography to provide confidentiality.
  • Framing – Header is added to encrypted payload. Payload is then passed to a dependable transport layer protocol.

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