What is Routing – Type of Routing In Computer Networks

There are three type of Routing in Computer Networks. Routing is a process, which used to send packet from source to destination. A device which is responsible for transfer packet from source to destination known as Router. Routing protocol is responsible for the select best path for sending packet from source router to destination across the network. Router is not care about host it is only care about network.

Type of Routing


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There are three type of Routing

Routing - Type of Routing


Static Routing

In Static Routing, Router Configure by network administrator manually. Administrator has manually define the route in the Routing Table. So That administrator must have knoweldge of the Network.

Syntax of static routing.
Router(config)# IP route   <destination network ID>   <destination subnet mask>   <next hope IP Address>.

Default Routing

Defaul Routing used to direct route the packet to the Destination . Its route Route the traffic to the unknown network which is not in out network.
Syntax of Default Routing. 
Router(Config)# IP Route <Next Hope IP Address>.

Dynamic Routing

In the Dynamic Routing, Routing Protocol update their Routing Information to each other which information store in Routing Table . Dynamic routing protocol choose the shortest path to route the packet to the Destination.

 Router should have knowledge about these thing-:

  • Destination address where packet to be routed.
  • Neighbour router information.
  • Select possible route across the remote network .
  • Maintain routing information.
 In Dynamic Routing there are two type protocol are used.
1.Routing protocol-:  Those protocol which are used to find select best and shortest path in the inter network for Routing packet source to destination and define that all router should be used same routing table for routing packet. This type of protocol known as Routing protocol
2. Routed Protocol- Those protocol which are used to routed the packet on particular Route means predefined route for packet  example like tcp/ip , IP/IPX are used in the LAN(Local area network).
see also– PPT file Routing


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