What is Routing Loops in Computer Networking

Routing loops in Computer Networking is a common problem occur in the network during forwarding  packet from source to destination. Routing loop is a condition in which packet is continually moving in the circle without reaching destination. its happen due to miss communication, incorrect information update in the routing table and it can be miss configuration of router. mostly its happen in the large network because any link goes down and not inform to source router. about the link goes down.

Routing Loops In Computer Networking


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 In the network  router 1 send packet to destination router 3 via router 2 if the link between router 2 and router 3 link down and Router 1 not aware about link down between router 2 and router 3, then router 2 will send packet router 3 via router 1 after that router  1 resend packet to router 2 because router 1 has not information about link fail between router 2 and router 3 so again and again this process will happen so it is creating loop .

Routing Loops In Computer Networking

There are some method which is used to prevent Routing Loop-:

Prevent Routing Loop

  • Maximum hop count 
  • Split horizon
  • Route poisoning 
  • Hold down


Maximum Hop count-: Maximum Hop count is a concept which is used to prevent from from routing loop. it prevent from increasing hops in the inter network . Distance vector protocol define maximum hop will be 15 (RIP permits only 15 hops) .if hop will be 16 then it will determine  as unreachable.
Split Horizon-: Split horizon is a mechanism which prevent from incorrect information and routing information will not send back direction from  which the original packet came.


Route poisoning-: In this Technic router keep  a sets of table entry which is keep the network state consistent while other route converge correctly on the topology update . it is prevent from in consisting route update. This is ensure  all route on the segment has been received.
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