What Is ROM ( Read Only Memory )

ROM stand for Read Only Memory chip for storing data that can be read only . The data on ROM chips cannot be modified- hence, the name read only memory, ROM  is non-volatile. It contents are not lost when power from the computer.


Read Only Memory


ROM chips contain data, instruction or information that is recorded permanently . ROM contain basic input/output system (BIOS) , which is sequence instruction the computer follows the load the operating system and other files when you first turn on computer . many other device also contain ROM Chips .

Manufacture of ROM chips often record the data instruction, or information on the chips when they manufacture the chip. The ROM chips , called Firmware, contain permanently written data , instruction, or Information . A Variation of the ROM chip , called Programmable Read only memory (PROM ) chip , is a blank ROM chip on which you can place Items Permanently .
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