What is Protocol In Computer Networking

Protocol in Computer Networking Play Vital Role to make Communication between Devices. Protocol is a setup rules and regulation which is allow communication and transfer data between two device. Protocol ensure that how to data transfer in the network and check error when data transfer between source to destination. it is also responsible for transfer and receive signal without error in the network mean it ensure secure data transfer within the network. There is many protocols using in the network each protocol design to perform specific task. There are two Category of Protocol.

What is Protocol

Protocol In Computer Networking

1. Connection Oriented Protocols

Connection Oriented Protocol established connection between two device before send data information from source to destination. Its create Logical connection with endpoint before sending or transfer any data. Its also know as reliable protocol because its create reliable connection with end to end device so that data can transfer and receive properly. TCP ( Transmission Control Protocol ) is Connection Oriented Protocol which is work on Transport Layer of the OSI Model.

2. Connectionless Protocol

Connectionless protocol do not establish connection with to destination device. Its send data  from source to destination with create logical connection. UDP ( User Datagram Protocol) know as Connectionless Protocol.

There are many Protocol listed below

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Transmission control protocol make reliable connection between one end to another end before send or transfer data. So that communication possible between two device.


UDP (User Datagram Protocol) used to transfer data from one computer to another computer. But its a non-reliable protocol because Its do not establish connection between source computer to Destination computer to sent data.


FTP Stand for File transfer protocol its used to transfer a file from one computer to another computer. Its work on the network and Client server model.


HTTP ( Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is the used to transfer data over Internet. Its also knows as World Wide Web Protocol. Which establish communication between Servers and Web Browsers. Its a Application Layer Protocol


DHCP  (Dynamic Host Configure protocol ) is used to assign IP Address automatically on network and Computer. Server on which configured DHCP Protocol knows as DHCP Server. DHCP Server provide IP Address to the client computer Automatically. 


DNS (Domain Name System) is used to resolve IP Address in to Domain name and Domain Name in to IP Address. 
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SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used to send Email. Its Send Email to the Mail Server.


POP (Post Office Protocol) is used to access Email from Mail Server to Local computer. When you will download Email from Mail server to Local Computer then Email will be delete from Mail Server.


IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol ) is also used to Access Email from Mail Server on Local Computer. Unlike POP when you Will Download Email from Mail server then Email will be on your local Computer as well as Mail Server.


ARP ( Address Resolution Protocol) is used to resolve IP Address into Mac Address. Means that Its Convert Network Layer address to Data Link Layer Address to make communication with Hardware Device.


RARP ( Reverse Address Resolution Protocol) is used to resolve Mac Address into IP Address. Its Converts Data Link Address in Network Layer Address of the OSI Model.



AppleTalk is the Protocol which is used to Communication Apple Mac Computer with the Networking device and other computer.


ICMP ( Internet Control Message Protocol) used by Computer Networking devices such as Router used ICMP to Indicate Error Message. If any packet do not reach to destination then it will indicate error message.


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