What is Kernel In Operating System

Kernel In Operating System , discrete peace of code, makes up the core of an operating system. kernel purpose for handling system interrupts from devices like input-output devices, processor clock for or timers. it also handle the processor exceptions. which occur when the processor perform an operation like writing to a portion of the memory that is locked. the kernel of NT server Runs in the privileged kernel mode of the processor. Dispatching and scheduling threads in an important function of kernel.

Kernel In Operating System


Its used to control request of I/O device and commands for the CPU ( Central Processing Unint). There is many functions of the Kernel is Memory Management, Device Management and Systems calls. Kernel work between hardware and software. It is responsible for make communication between software instruction to the hardware devices. Its also responsible for memory management, disk management and Process management.

Kernel In OS

Kernel In Operating System

The kernel operating system provide support for recovery from power failure. If the computer system has a UPS, then the kernel is alerted whenever there is power failure. The kernel then message a methodical shutdown of the computer system. which include the alerting the input-output device abut the power failure and permitting them to reset. As we know that its also used to maange memory, so it responsible for allocate memory to the process fir excute programs. Its also used to make communication between user applications and hardware.

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