What is Internet

Internet is a global network where one can communicate with each other to share and receive any information. Basically, the internet is a set of rules for connecting networks that connect whole world’s computer together .

What Is Internet

Thus, the Internet is a worldwide communication network of computers that hold large amount of Information.
What is InternetHistory of the Internet
The history of the Internet starts with the birth of the ARPANET, which was the first network of the computes in the world. It was setup by Department of Defence of the USA in 1969.
The ARPANET Stand for Advance Research Projects Agency Network. It was the developed with aim of sharing information on research and development in the field of science and technology. It was only used by the governmental officials and scientists. 
How the Internet Works
On the Internet, data and Information are transferred worldwide by the servers and client which are computer connected to the Internet. The Computer which is responsible for the management of resources like programs and data , on a Network by providing a centralized storage area is called Server. The Computer which has access to the contents of the storage area on the server is call Client . On the Internet a Client which can access files and services on a number of servers is called Host computer .
The Internet is a Packet-Oriented network. It means that the data you transfer is divided in to packet . so that happens when you transfer Data across the Internet Various Networks ? . The networks are link by special computer, called Router.
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