What is Group scope In Computer Networking

Group scope is use to define the limitation of user in the Domain. You should know, What is Group scope, if you are Windows administrator. Its used for security purpose in network. group scope provide authentication and restriction. Group is the Collection of User and Computers which play the Important role of Domain. Domain Control can be set specific permission of Each Group. This group scope can be create in Windows Server, on which active directory installed. Its very useful utility, because same type user you can put on specific group. Each group perform their specific role. So that Windows administrator can assign policy on group instead of single user. 

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What is Group scope

 What is Group scope
There are three group scopes.
1. Domain local.
2. Global.
3. Universal.

Group in Computer Networking

1.Domain Local- In the Domain Local Group scope, user permission and security can be assign only with in a Domain, and user can access resources from a Domain and its client. Domain Local Group can access resources from where its has Created.
2.Global-  In the Global Group scope,  user permission and security can be assign for entire Tree, and user can access permission and resources from entire Tree. Global Group can contain User and computer Only from the Domain where this Group has been Created.


           Tree- Tree is a collection of multiple Domain controller which are using same domain name space.

3.Universal- In the Universal Group user permission and security can be assign for entire Tree or Forest. Its can access resources from Different -2 Domain controller and Namespace. Universal group is a collection of Users account, Computers account and Global group. Universal group user can access resources from any domain in the forest. This group only be available when functional level is Windows server 2000 or Windows server 2003. This whole things is maintain by Global catalog server. 

           Forest- Forest is a collection of multiple Domain controller which are using different-2 Namespace. 
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