What is Dynamic Routing In Computer Networks

Dynamic routing is unlike Static routing, on which administrator manually define network and route in router. A type of Dynamic Routing, which protocol are used to find best and shortest path for route the data for the destination. Its used to find network and dynamically update Routing table. Dynamic Routing protocol also support application software which are running on the router. there are several protocol using in the dynamic routing, which is known as Routing protocol.

Dynamic Routing


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  • Router exchange routing table with neighbour Router.
  • Its consume more bandwidth comparison to Static Routing.
  • Its discovering remote network.
  • Its used to select best and shortest path to reach destination.

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic Routing Protocol


There are two type of Dynamic Routing protocol-:
1. IGP (Interior getaway  protocol)-:  Those protocol which are used inside autonomous system for find the best and shortest path in the network known as IGP. 

Such as –
IGRP – Interior Gateway Routing Protocol.
EIGRP – Enhance Interior Gateway Routing Protocol.
2. EGP (exterior getaway protocol)-:  Those protocol which are using between the autonomous system are known as EGP.
Such as – BGP( Border getaway protocol)

Autonomous System-: Collection of multiple network under a common administrative domain is known as autonomous system.

Administrative distance-:  The trust worthiness of the routing information from sending router is know as Administrative distance. It is a rating of the trustworthiness of the routing information source. It is integer from 0 to 255 . 0 means trusted(directly connected) and 255 means router never reach.

                         Protocol                                   Administrative distance             
                       Directly connected                                       0
                        Static route                                               1
                          EIGRP                                                    90
                           IGRP                                                     100
                           OSPF                                                    110
                            RIP                                                      120
                      Router never reach                                255

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