What is DNS Server

DNS Server ( Domain name system) used to resolve the IP address in to Domain name and Domain name in to IP address.DNS is integrated with ADS, DHCP and WINS. it work with work group as well as Domain. DNS Server maintain the Directory of the Domain name. On which system we install DNS that System known as DNS server.
DNS translate the Domain anme into respective IP Address for example Domain name www.technet2u.com  relove into .
DNS Resource Records
There are 7  records in DNS server these records known as the resource record.
                 1-  SDA(Start of authority)
                 2-  NS(Name server)
                 3-  Host a record
                 4-  PTR record(Pointer record)
                 5- MX record(Mail exchanged record)
                 6- C-Name(canonical Name)
                 7- SRV Record(Service record)
1- SDA(Start of Authority)–   It is used to replicate the information from one DNS server to another DNS server. It store the time interval.

2- NS(Name server)–   It is used to store the Domain name and IP address of all DNS server in network.

3- Host a Record–  It Store the Domain name and IP address of all client Computer in network . It resolve the query basis of the Domain name.

4- PTR record(Pointer record)-  It store the IP address and Domain name of all client computer in network. It resolve the query with the help of IP address.

5- MX record(Mail Exchange record)– It used to store the IP address and Domain name of Mail server.

6- C-Name(Canonical name)- It is used to hide the computer name and also known as nick name.

7- SRV Record(Service record)- It store the total service which is used by DNS.

DNS Zones

DNS Zones store the total information about  Domain. Zones also contain the DNS resource record which define the zone.

There are different type of zone are listed below-

1- Primary Zone-: It store the total information about domain this zone can be edited and updated. primary zone made by the DNS server.

2- Secondary zone-: It is the backup of primary zone it is Read only , During the zone transfer copied from the master server.

 3- Stub zone-: It is also used for the backup purpose of primary zone but it can take the backup of only 6 record. it is not take the backup of PTR record and used to resolve iterative query and recursive query.
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