What is Difference Between BOOTP and DHCP

Here we explain difference between BOOTP and DHCP protocol. The BOOTP is the host configuration protocol developed before DHCP. BOOTP is mainly used for Diskless workstation and DHCP is used for Windows Network. A computer terminal which does not have its own storage media is known as diskless work station. BOOTP and DHCP work basically the same way. They provide all the IP information like IP Address, default gateway, and the DNS server. The BOOTP server assign the IP address to the workstation or the computers. From the pool of addresses store in the Server. DHCP Protocol used to assign automatically IP Address in Network.  DHCP is dynamic configuration protocol and provide backward compatibility with BOOTP. Similarly as in BOOTP, DHCP implement User Datagram protocol (UDP) to obtain the IP address from the server. In the below I am going to describe difference between BOOTP and DHCP.

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Difference Between BOOTP and DHCPDifference Between BOOTP and DHCP


Bootstap Protocol (BOOTP)

  • Fails is host move from one physical network to another.
  • Can not provide temporary IP address to the Client.
  • Rebooting is necessary after client operation system loaded.
  • This type of IP address Configuration is designed to configure host, Which are diskless workstation.
  • Support finite or limited number of client IP address configuration.

Dynamic host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

  • Provide with temporary IP address on request, hence work efficiently when host move one physical network to another.
  • Provide temporary IP address to the Client.  
  • Rebooting is not necessary after client system loaded.
  • This type of Configuration is used to configure IP addresses to computers or host. Which are frequently relocating from network to network.
  • Support large and extensible number of client IP Address configuration parameter as compared to BOOTP.
  • DHCP protocol especially design for replace older BOOTP.

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