What is DHCP ( Dynamic Host Configure Protocol ) Server

DHCP (Dynamic host configure protocol) server used assign IP address to client computer in network. it is used to provide automatically an IP address in network and reduce configuration effort. DHCP server has pre-defined range of IP address, which is ensure that provide different IP address to each computer in network. In which Computer we install DHCP that system is known as DHCP server. There is no need to administrator assign IP Address to each and every computer.
In the Static IP Address has to manually assign IP Address to each and every computer. In the large network difficult to remember IP Address of every computer.

What is DHCP


whenever client computer connect to the network, then client generate DHCPDiscover signal to DHCP server, then DHCP server send offer to client for IP address.

 DHCP Protocol


  • Dynamic Host Configure Protocol.
  • Provide configuration parameters to hosts.
  • IP address, Address mask , Router address, Host name and other.
  • Extension of the BOOTP protocol.
  • Allow use of existing BOOTP relay agent and configuration information.
  • Expands functionality of BOOTP which just had support for manual address allocation.

DHCP Message 

  • Client broadcast to locate available servers.
  • Server sends to client response to DHCPDISCOVER with offer of configuration parameters.
  • Client broadcasts to server requesting offered parameters from on server.
  • Client sends to server to release assigned address.
  • Client sends to server indicating IP Address Conflict.
  • Server sends to client refusing request for configuration parameters.
  • server send to client with configuration parameters, including address.

What is DHCP

DHCP Operation

  • Its uses UDP datagram.
  • Client and server use broadcast to communicate until client has assigned address. 

DHCP Scope

Its a Range of IP address that is  available to the DHCP Client by the DHCP Server. Administrator has to create scope in the Server according to their Number of Client in their network.


I hope you have learn that what is DHCP Server in Computer Networking, and how to assign IP address to the Client PC in network.

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