What is an IP Address in Computer Networks

Everyone should be aware about what is an IP address in Computer networks. IP stand for Internet Protocol.  IP(Internet protocol) address is an logical address which is provide unique identification to our computer. It is used to communicate with other device in network. The IP (v4) used 32-bit numeric address divided in to 4 equal part each part known as octed separated with (.), The IP address can be 0 to 255 .

What is an IP Address

There are Two way to assign IP Address on the Computer 
 What is an IP Address

1. Static IP Address

Static IP address are the Address which is Manually assign to the each and every Computer by System Admimistrator.

2. Dynamic IP Address

Dynamic IP Address Assign by DHCP ( Dynamic host Configure Protocol) to the Computer there is no need to provide Manually to and Every Computer. There is need to configure Dynamic server within  your local area network. 
 IP address divided in to 5 classes .
            Classes                       IP Range
          Class A                       0 – 126
          Class B                      128 – 191
          Class C                       192 – 223
           Class D                       224 – 239
           Class E                       240 – 255
(127 reserved for Loop back test)
     Class A             NID        HID        HID       HID
     Subnet mask     255          0             0            0
    Class B              NID        NID        HID       HID
    Subnet mask      255        255          0            0
    Class C               NID        NID        NID      HID
    Subnet mask       255        255          255        0
                       NID  –        (Network ID )  NO change , Represent with 1.
                       HID  –        (Host ID ) Changeable , represent  with 0.
 Subnet mask–    It is used to represent no of host bit and no of Network bit
There Are Two Types Of IP AddressPublic IP Address & Private IP address
Private IP Address are used for Local Area Network. and Public IP Address Used for Internet and Word Wide Area Network .
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