How to Use Pen Drive as a RAM in Windows 7

Use Pen Drive as a RAM in Windows 7, This is extremely useful feature in Windows 7 that you can use Pen drive as a RAM to Boost your System Speed. Surely it will increase you system performance and make Compatible with your Operation System. If you are facing a low memory and system slow performance then Pen Drive can increase your memory size as well speed of your computer.

Use Pen Drive as a RAM 

1. First Insert your Pen Drive , then Go the My Computer  and Right-click on Removable Device Volume, and then Click Properties .

2. Click on Ready Boost Tab, then select Use this Device radio button and Allocate space to be use by Ready Boost, you can select select size according to your Pen drive Space. Then Click on Apply and then Ok .
If you are using 2 GB RAM on your computer and you select another 2 GB from your Pen drive then your computer will perform like 4 GB RAM.

Now will see that Pen Drive Space has been used by ready boost, how much you have allocated to the Ready Boost. 

After that your System speed will be increase automatic this is the best way to make performance faster without buy and add another RAM. 

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