How to Use Able2Extract to Get Precise Conversion from PDF to Excel Format

Tables, statements and reports are almost always sent in PDF format to ensure that no data gets lost or altered. A PDF file could contain multiple tables with different row and column structure. This is sometimes a problem when we want to convert a PDF file back into spreadsheet format. For example, columns and rows in the first table might be recognized correctly, but if the second table has a different layout then everything could be converted inaccurately.

 Get Precise Conversion from PDF to Excel Format


Some PDF software solutions solve this problem by allowing users to select tables or pages, one by one, but Investintech’s Able2Extract PDF Converter has a unique and interesting visual solution, which is easy to use and saves a lot of time.

Here’s how this works: First, select the pages that you need converted, choose the Excel format, and then click on the Custom option.

 Able2Extract Conversion from PDF to Excel Format


A pane with new settings will appear from the right side of the document. As you can see there are multiple options available.

Able2Extract Conversion from PDF to Excel Format

You can manually adjust the row and column structure by adding, deleting or moving the lines that represent them. You just have to click on the appropriate button, and then click on the line to move it around. In order to delete it, simply click on it twice. You can combine two columns into one or split one column into multiple others, the same goes for rows.  If you click on Column types or Row settings, you’ll see more options for adjusting the recognition. For example, you can set how much space is needed in between words to have them treated as separate columns.

There is also the Add table option, which lets you select the part of the document that you would like treated as a separate table.

In order to get a glimpse of how your conversion will look, you can click on the Show Preview button that appears at the bottom. This feature lets you view the conversion result before actually performing it, allowing you to test what kind of configuration will work best with your file.

Conversion from PDF to Excel Format

All in all, Able2Extract has an easy and intuitive feature which significantly reduces the need to make any further adjustments to the layout of the spreadsheet after it has been converted. In order to test the PDF to Excel features yourself, you can download the trial version  from the company’s website.


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