How to Uninstall Program using Command Prompt in Windows 7

In windows you can Uninstall Program using Command Prompt in Windows 7. its is also easy way to Uninstall any program . Sometime program does not Remove properly through Add/Remove program then you can remove using Command Prompt .

Uninstall program using command Prompt 

1. Click on Start button then Type in search box CMD , and then Press Enter .
2. Now on the Command prompt windows , type wmic and then press Enter .
3. Now type Product get name and then press Enter . it will Generate list of Installed Program . 
4.  Now Type below command and Give exact name of program which you want to remove .
      Product where name=”Program name” call uninstall .
     and then press Enter .
5. Now press Y to Confirm Uninstallation  and then Press Enter .
6.  Now Program has been successfully uninstalled, Close Command prompt windows .
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