Type of Computer Networking- LAN, MAN, WAN

There is many type of Computer Networking – LAN, MAN, WAN, SAN etc. Computer Networking Play Vital role in Information Technology. Its use to connect two or more computer together to share data, information and resources each other.  In your Organization, you can share data with any computer, and also access data from any computer with in LAN (Local Area Network).
You can Store Data on Centralized Location of Multi branch of your company. you can access that data from anywhere on your branch company. There is database server which is responsible to manage data.
Type of Computer Networking

Type of Computer Networking

Also Computer Networking reduces the hardware resources such as you can run multiple Virtual operating system on Single Server. Also you can connect a Printer with multiple computer with the LAN ( Local Area Network).


  • LAN (Local Area Network).
  • MAN( Metropolitan Area Network).
  • WAN (Wide Area Network).
  • SAN (Storage Area Network).

LAN-    Local Area Network

Local Area Network all Computer System connected in Limited area such as small office, Home, school, office building. All computer and device connect with cable. All computer Connected with switch to Hub. There is no need to internet device to connect each other.
Type of Computer Networking
Local Area Network is the Groups of Computer which can share data , information each other and also can share other Network devices. Its also can largest group of computer which is divided in virtual group . Its also Know As VLAN.

 MAN-  Metropolitan Area Network

A Metropolitan area network is a large computer network which used to connect two different City or a large Campus. it is larger then LAN but smaller then WAN. it is operated by large corporation. it is used to interconnect various company sites. MAN used to connect multiple LAN together.
Type of Computer Networking
Its used High speed and high Capacity Technology such as Fibber Optical technology. 

WAN – Wide Area Network

WAN (Wide Area Network is the broad area of network. Wide area network connected with the Internet to connect geographical area National and International together. WAN is connect LAN, MAN together using lease communication Line. Its a largest network which connected to the Internet .

SAN – Storage Area Network

SAN (Storage Area Network) is used to Interconnect and Manage Different kind of Data storage device. which is related to Data server. A storage Area Network is the High speed Network which purpose to Manage Data storage Device  to Communicant with other Device.
Type of Computer Networking
Storage area Network is Provide Block level storage. which can be access by the Application Running on Network Servers. Its using RAID hardware to manage Data Storage.


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