Top 5 Mobile Phones Operating Systems

Now a days Mobile Phones Operating Systems is very Popular. Because without it you mobile Phone just like empty Box. Operating System is the platform which is used to make combination between Hardware and Software. You can Install and run Applications on the Operating Systems. I think everybody should be aware about their mobile Operating system. Your Mobile Phone Performance depend on the Operating system which is Running inside. Every mobile feature depend of OS like Internet Connection, Wi-Fi , Touch screen, Game, calling etc.

There is big competition between different-2 Mobile OS developers Company. They try to provide extra and advance feature and improve performance to be in market. But everything depend on the who will give complete satisfaction to the customer and provide better service.

Mobile Phones Operating Systems 


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1. Android

Android is one of the most popular Mobile Operating System In the World. There is to Mobile Manufacture Company are using Android Operating System on their Mobile and Tablets just like HTC, Samsung, Micromax, Lava, Asus, Sony etc. Android Operating System is developed by Google. Android OS released on 23 Sept 2008 which name was ASTRO. Its a First touchscreen Operating system for Mobile, Tablets, Car and wearable devices. Its available in 70 Language. 

Mobile Phones Operating Systems

Android Official Apps Website is Google Play Store which contains more the one millions Android application. Google play store apps inbuilt with android OS. You should have google account to login in Google Play store. If you need to install any android apps from Google Play store you just need to tap on Play store then search your Apps then install and then use it.

2. Apple iOS

Apple iOS is also one of the best Operating system for Apple Mobile Phone. iOS is one of the most user- friendly operating system. One of the best thing of Apple Operating system is that, Other manufacturer can not use iOS on their Mobile Phones such as HTC, Samsung, LG, Micromax, Sony etc. iOS only can be compatible with Apple Product such as iPHONE, iPAD, iPOD Touch etc. iOS is manufactured and developed by Apple Inc. iOS first released on 29 June 2007 and its available in 34 Language. You can download iOS apps from iTunes Apps Store.

Mobile Phones Operating Systems

3. Symbian

Symbian is one of the most Popular and best Operating system for Mobile Phone for 2 decade. Symbian OS specially designed for Nokia Mobile Manufacturer Company. Symbian is the Open source Platform. Mostly low-ends phone using symbian os. Its Popularity going down day by day because of Android and iOS Smartphones. 

Mobile Phones Operating Systems

4. Blackberry OS

Blackberry Operating system developed by Blackberry Ltd in 1999. Its specially designed for Blackberry lines Smartphones. Blackberry smartphones is different from other smartphone. Its using trackball to move pointer on the screen and Its keypad is qwerty in every smartphones. Blackberry OS is not support other Mobile Phone manufacturer. Its available in Multi-lingual. Blackberry mostly used for Professional Purpose because of its fast performance.

Mobile Phones Operating Systems

5. Windows OS

I think there is no need to tell to the people about Windows OS. Everybody known about windows Operating system because its a one of Most popular and best operating system worldwide. Windows OS is using in Computer and Mobile Phones. Windows OS is very User friendly and easy to use operating system. I started working on Computer with Windows OS. Its Developed by Microsoft, which is one of the best Software company in the world. 

Mobile Phones Operating Systems

On 11 Feb 2011 Microsoft became Partner with Nokia. then Nokia launch Its first smartphone which known as Windows phones. Windows Phones comes with Nokia Lumia Series. Most Popular Windows Phone is Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 900.

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