Top 10 New Features in Windows 10

Now Windows 10 Technical Preview  is available on Microsoft store. Described in this post Top 10 new features in Windows 10. As you know that Microsoft try for new feature in New Operating System. Windows 10 comes with great and new feature. You can say its a combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8.  Its completely GUI Base Operating system in the world.

10 New Features in Windows 10


1. Start Menu

Windows 10 Start Menu Bring Windows 7 & 8  Start Menu on one platform. Its great and New feature in any operating system. Its eye catching Start Menu ever. You can get a Start menu and Live Tiles when click on Start Button. Power button is Next to user name on the top of start Menu. Its Tiles can be re sizable.

Windows 10 Start Menu

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2. New Command Prompt

Windows 10 Command Prompt comes with new and Great Feature. Now you can Copy with Ctrl+C and Paste With Crtl +V in Command Prompt. In this you can use short-key just like, To select text Press Shift and use arrow key. There is another option is that can re-wrap text when resize screen. To do these setting right click on the command prompt menu then Click on Properties then Click on Experimental Tab and do your own settings.


Windows 10 Command Prompt


3. Advance Task View Feature

As you know that can switch Task with Press Alt+Tab key , Its comes with new look and there is Taskview button  on taskbar to open task view. When you open task view  then its popup with full windows of the program which is already open instead of only icon. Its easy to switch between virtual Desktop and also you can drag and drop program.

Task View Feature in Windows 10


4.  Windows Explorer View – New Tab

Windows Explorer and File Explorer Comes with new and eye catching look. New feature is that Add Tab in File Explorer just like MS Word Home menu.  you can do every things on your file explorer just click on button.

Windows 10 File Explorer









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5. Notepad ++ Great Feature

Windows launch a great feature is Notepad ++,  Notepad is the Text editing program you can encode HTML language on Notepad. Notepad has been replaced with Notepad ++. Notepad ++ is the source editor program which support many Language. There is also run option available so its easy to run Program after coding.

Notepad++ in Windows 10.


6. Add Search Button on Taskbar

Finally Its added Search button on Taskbar. Its can search Program , file or Folder also include Internet Search. Its by default use Bing Search Engine to search anything.


Trending Now on Taskbar

7. Switch Start Menu to  Start Screen

You can Get Windows 8 Start Screen instead of Windows 10 Start Menu. There is best Start Menu customize feature in Windows 10. For Customize Right click on Taskbar and then Click on Properties , then Click on Start Menu Tab and then Uncheck Use the Start Menu instead of  the Start Screen check Box. then Apply and OK. then Logout and then  again Login you will get Start Screen.

Start Screen Instead of Start menu


8. XBox Game Feature

Windows 10 by Default comes with XBox in PC and Tablet. XBox Apps Design for Social. Everyone like to play with XBox. its a best Gaming Console.

Xbox Game in Windows 10


9. Put Recycle Bin On Taskbar

Now you can put recycle bin on task bar as well as Start Menu and Screen.


10. Windows 10 Comes with Cortana

You can access Cortana from search Button on the Taskbar. Cortana is the feature is that use can ask their queries from Cortana then you will get your answer.

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