Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Services For Backup Data In 2017

What is Cloud Storage Service


In this article, I will let you know Top 10 best Cloud Storage Services. first of all must know what is Cloud storage Service, Cloud Storage service are used to backup data and share data with your friends and family. If you are using cloud storage services then no need to have and portable storage device, Such as CD Drive, Pen Drive, Floppy drive and External Hard-disk. And on of the best thing no need to worry about lost your important data. You can keep your important document on cloud and sync your Device such as Mobile phone, iPad or Systems. Its very easy to use, Just you can upload your data and access from any where any time. Cloud Storage Service provider, you some limited storage space in free of cost. If you need increase storage space then you will have to buy services according to plan.

Now a day Cloud service is trending and popular for Business purpose. Because companies want to reduce their Hardware Infrastructure and manpower to manage their storage devices. Cloud Storage Service Provider also committed to keep data safe and secure. So that its reliable. So am going to let you know top 10 best cloud storage services of 2017.

Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Services


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  1. Drop-Box

Drop-Box is the best and free Cloud storage services in 2017 and Its very easy in Files sync service. You Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Servicescan use this service online or Install Drop-Box application on your Computer or Mobile device. There are many apps which can directly ingrate with Drop-Box cloud Service when you want to share data. You can share you all type of files, such as Photo, Videos, Documents etc. Then you can download your uploaded data from anywhere any time. Also you can share link of files to your friends, then He can views and download files from shared link without login in Drop-Box. You can download Drop-Box free of cost from online. Its provide 2GB storage space for personal account, You get 500MB for every referral upto 16 GB.

Sign-up click here-  Drop-Box

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is also one of the best Cloud Storage service provider. You can use your Gmail account to Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Servicesaccess Google Drive storage Service. Google Drive Software can be install on Windows and Mac operating system. You can upload all type of Folders and Files. Mobile user and can send data to Google drive. You can share your uploaded data to your friends or specific E-Mail Address. There is also another option for security, That Prevent user to download files, they can be only views files and data.

Google drive by-default installed in android device, Its automatically sync with google drive. There is option in android device that automatic backup your data to Google drive. You create schedule to take backup Photo, Videos, files automatic to google Drive. You will get 15 GB free storage space after create Google Account.


3. MegaTop 10 Best Cloud Storage Services

Mega is the New Zealand based company which provide cloud Services. Its provide 50GB free Storage Service, You can upload Files and Photo from your mobile device and as well as desktop PC. Its stores data in encrypted form  to keep secure your data. Its supports multiple files and Folders to download in Zip files. Its also allow you to upload data from mobile apps. You can share Files or Folder from Mega account and anyone can be download shared data with username and password.

4.  iCloud

Top 10 Best Cloud Storage ServicesiCoud Storage Service allow you to store Data such as Documents and Files. everyone should know that iCloud photo library is separate from iCould Drive. Its Provide 5 GB free Storage Service. If you need 50Gb then you will have to Pay $0.99/Month and 200 GB for $3.99.




5. OneDriveTop 10 Best Cloud Storage Services

OneDrive Cloud Storage service provide by Microsoft, You no need to download any Application, its already integrated with Windows 10 internet Explorer. There is Apps available for Android and iOS device. Earlier this service know as SkyDrive. OneDrive Provice very Flexible Service for Online Backup and Syncing service with PC, Mac, Android, iOS Device and Windows Phones. Its Provide 5 GB Free Cloud Storage service and 50 GB for $1.99.


6. MediaFire

Top 10 Best Cloud Storage ServicesMediaFire is provide 10GB free Cloud Storage Service and you can increase upto 50GB by friends referral. Its very easy to Upload Folders and Files to Media Fire Cloud storage. You can upload and download a file or folders through the MediaFire website. For Mobile device user can download an apps to upload and share files with friends. Its upload file limit is 25 GB and no bandwidth limit. You can share file and folder to anyone and can import files from shared url.

7. IDrive

IDrive iTop 10 Best Cloud Storage Servicess also provide 5 GB cloud storage service free of cost. Its very easy to Setup IDrive cloud service, You can schedule you continuous backup of Files and Folders, Its provide offer to continuous syncing services. You can also backup your Social media account such as Facebook and twitter.



8. pCloudTop 10 Best Cloud Storage Services

pCloud is provide 10 GB free Cloud storage service. After Sign-up you can get 10 GB free storage space instantly and cab be increase upto 20GB by friends referral program. you can upload Files and folder via mobile apps and online websites. You can share your data with your friends with non-pcloud user, means that friends can import data with Pcloud user ID and password. Also you can take Photo backup from Facebook, Instagram and Picasa.

9. BOX

Box is also Provide 10 GB Free Storage Space on Cloud. Box client can be Sync from Mac and Windows PC. You can upload multiple picture and videos files from you mobile device and desktop application. You can share files and folder through url to your friends. Shared files and folder can be download with Box user ID and password.

10. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon is also provide online storage service to store data to Cloud Drive. Its provide 5 GB storage space for Videos and files to prime member. You can upload files user client software and website.


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