How to Shutdown Your Computer From Mobile Phone Using Email

Its a great feature in Windows Computer that you can Shutdown you computer from Mobile Phone or PC using Email from any where. Suppose you have forgate to shutdown your computer or leave computer to perform some process then after complete that process you can shutdown your computer just send a Email on that computer. You can Shutdown your PC from anywhere with mobile phone or PC using Email .
  • Microsoft Outlook Configure with a E-mail Account (
  • Windows Computer with Internet Connectivity on your Computer .
  • A Mobile Phone or PC with Internet which can Send Email .

Shutdown you computer from Mobile 


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Create Shutdown Batch File


1. First Of all Create Batch File , Open Notepad and then type below Command .
c:windowssystem32shutdown -s -f -t 01
2. Now Save it with Shutdown.bat ( Executable File)
Shutdown you computer from Mobile
Microsoft Outlook Configuration
1. Now Open Microsoft Outlook 2007 which is already configure with an Email Account ( My MS Outlook is Configure with ( )
2.  Now Click on Tools Menu Bar and then Click on Options.. .
Shutdown Your Computer From Mobile Phone
3. Now Click on Mail Setup and then Click on Send/Recieve.. option.
Shutdown Your Computer From Mobile Phone
4. Now now Enable check box like below , then Set time 1 Minute to automatic send and receive Emails and then Click on Close .
5. Now Again go to Tools Menu , and then Click on Rules and Alerts.. .
Shutdown Your Computer From Mobile Phone
6. Now Click on the E-mail Rules tab and then Click on New Rule… .
7. Now Under the Start from a blank rule section Click on Check message when they arrive and then Click on Next .

8 . Now In the Steps 1 , select with specific words in subject and scroll down and the select on this machine only and then on the steps 2 section Click on Specific words .


9. Now type the specific words shutdown then Click on Add and then Click on Ok . And then Click on Next .
10.  Now in the Step 1 section Select Delete it and Start Application Check Box , then in the Step 2 section Click on the Application and Choose Shutdown.bat file ( which batch file you have created) and then Click on Finish .
11. Now you will see that Shutdown rule has been created and then Click on Apply and then OK .
Now go to Mobile Phone or a Computer and then send Email on  with the subject shutdown . you can write any thing in the message body from any where .
Then you Computer will Shutdown after arrive message on your Microsoft Outlook .
Watch Tutorial Video Also

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