How to Share a workbook in Excel 2007

You can share a workbook in excel 2007 to allow multiple user  can edit a same time. Every user can view and saved who have access shared workbook. Its a great Feature in MS Excel 2007 so that everyone can edit at same time It will save time of user. There is no need any external media to Move Excel File. 
Its very useful feature in excel, Generally in organisation many user working there in excel sheet, suppose every user need a particular excel sheet to edit data, so that we have to share excel workbook. 

Share a workbook in Excel 2007

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1. Open Microsoft Excel workbook  which you want to share.

2. Click on Review Tab, then Click on Share Workbook .
Share a workbook in Excel 2007
3. Click on Editing Tab, then click on Allow changes by more then one user at the same time. This also allows workbook merging Check box .
Share a workbook in Excel 2007
4. Click on Advance Tab , Select option which you want to change. an click OK
Share a workbook in Excel 2007
5. Type the Name of the workbook what do you want , then select  a network location from where all user can access shared workbook, then click on Save.
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