How to Setup Parental Control In Mac OS X Mavericks

Setup Parental Control  in Mac OS X Mavericks is the Great feature. If your PC shared by your child. You can Set limitation and control on your child to use your Mac Computer with the help of Parental control. you can restrict access to specific Website, Set Time Limit to spend on computer. Restrict any Application and People whom chat with. You will have to allow only specific website, application for your Child. 

Setup Parental Control In Mac OS X Mavericks


Setup Parental Control in Mac OS Mavericks

1. First of All Click on Apple Menu and then Click on System Preferences..
Apple Menu
2. Now on the System Preferences , Click on Parental Controls.  
Click on System Preferences
3. If there is no account created on which you want to setup, then select Create a New User account with Parental Control radio button and then Click on Continue.
Setup Parental Control
4. Now Create New Account, Type the Full name of the Account, then Account Name, then Type Password and then Verify and then Click on Continue.
Create New Account with Parental Control
Or If you have to Set Parental Control on Existing User Account which is already created then, Open Parental Control Preferences, then Click on Lock Icon, Then Put Administrator name and Password to open lock. Select User name ( Child account) and then Click on Enable Parental Control.
5. Click on Apps Tab  

Set Limit Access Application In Mac OS

Now on the Apps Tab, and then Click on Limit Application Check Box, You can set limit of application which Apps your child can access. Also you can set Age Limit to Click on Allow app store Apps drop-down menu.
Now under the Allow Apps: Section click on Arrow and then Select Apps Check box which you want to allow to your Child and the Uncheck Apps check box which you want to Restrict. 
Restrict Application
6. Click on Web Tab 

 Set Limit Access Website in Mac OS


Now a days there are many adult websites available on Internet and Social Media website on which your child can spend time. You can Restrict any website or You can allow only specific website to Click on Allow access to only these option radio button and then remove website which you want to restrict to click on Minus (-) Button.

Restrict and Allow Websites
7. Click on People Tab 

Restrict child to contact and  Chat through Message and Email In Mac OS

This feature help to restrict your child to contact and chat with people through Email and message. you can also allow only specific contact to contact via Email to Click on Limit Mail to Allowed Contacts and then Put email address whom you want to allow.
To allow specific contact for message Click on Limit Messages to Allowed contact check box, then Click on Plus (+) button to add Contact. 
Restrict and allow People
8. Click on Time Limit Tab

Set Time Limit to Access PC in Mac OS 

In the Time Limit Feature you can set time limit to allow access or Log on on this Computer your Child account. There is many option that on which time and date you allow or restrict access to computer for your child. 
Set Weekdays time Limit – You can set weekdays time limit for your child to Click on Limit weekday use to check box and then select time duration for your child.
Set Weekend time limit – You can also set weekend time limit for your child. 
Set Bedtime Limit – Allow time duration to bedtime to access on your computer.
Set Time Limit to Access Mac PC
9. Now on the Other tab there is also many option to allow and disallow feature for your child. Select Check Box to Restrict and Uncheck Check Box Allow. 
you can restrict Built-in camera, hide profanity, limit Printer administration, disable changing password and Limit CD and DVD Burning.

Now Click on Lock icon to save change and then Close Parental Control preferences. 

10. Now When your Child Login with Child Account then if he will try to access restrict apps then the message will show like below Image.

11. Now also when your child try to login with child account on restricted hour then Message will show like below Image.

You can view to click on Log button that on which Websites, Application visited by your child with child account  and Chat Message and also try to access Blocked Website and Applications.

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