How to Setup iCloud Account on Mac OS X

 Setup iCloud Account on Mac OS X and can store data, Email, Calender on iCloud. Apple provide cloud based service which is called iCloud. If you will create iCloud account then you can store and access data, Documents, calender and Photo from anywhere. You can sync and store data between your apple device. Your data store on the iCloud Server and then you can access from anywhere on your Apple device such as iPhone, iPad and Mac OS PC. You have to Update version  Mac OS 10.7.2 or Later version.   

Setup iCloud Account on Mac OS X


Setup iCloud Account on Mac OS X 

1. First of All Log On on Apple OS , then Click on Apple Menu and then Click on System Preferences. 

Go to System Preferences

2. Now on the System Preferences Windows Click on iCloud icon.

Setup iCloud Account on Mac OS X

3. No iCloud Dialog Box will open, Then Its asking for your Apple ID and Password. should have Apple ID and Password for Login. If you don’t have apple id then Click on Create new Apple ID link. If you have Apple ID then Put here and then Click on Sign In button.

Login with Apple ID

4. Now on the Next windows Read iCloud Term and Condition, then Click on I have read and agree to the  iCloud Terms and Conditions check Box and then Click on Continue.

5. I if you want to Store your Contact, calenders , reminders and mail on iCloud server then Click on then Enable Ckeck Box and then Click on Next.

Setup iCloud Account on Mac OS X

6. Now Select Service which you want to enable which apps data you wan to store on icloud server. If you will enable Mail Ckeck box to use Icloud mail service then you will have to create icloud email Address. 

Create iCloud Email Address


Click on Mail Check Box then Create new icloud email address to type email address and then Click on OK. 



7.  Now iCloud account created on your Mac OS and you will get 5 GB Storage space on iCloud Server. now you can store your Document and data,Calender, Contact etc on iCloud Server. then you can access anywhere that data from your iPhone or iPad. You can also use icloud email service for Emailing.

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