How to Set File Access Permission In Mac OS X

You can set File access Permission In Mac OS X for a User. Suppose You are Administrator of your PC. And there is any important files and folders you have created, then you don’t want that user can edit anything only can read. Its a best way to protect your Files from unauthorized user. You can Set Permission on your Disk Drive, Folders and Files. You can also restrict user to access your Files and folder.

There are Four type of Permission to set on Files and Folder for a User.

  • Read Only             – Allow user to only open and read your document, but they can’t able to edit or                                       Delete any thing. Even they can’t add anything on that Drive and Folders.
  • Write Only            – Allow user to Delete and Put in Drop Box your files and Folders.
  • Read and Write  – Allow User to open and read your Files and Folders, Also they can edit,                                                     delete anything.
  • No Access              – Disallow User to access your Folder, Files and drive.


Set File Access Permission In Mac OS X


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1.  Select File or Folder on which you have to Set Permissions. Then Right-Click on Folder then Click on Get Info.

Set File Access Permission In Mac OS X


2. Now on the Folder (Technet 2u) Info Dialog box Click on Sharing & Permissions Triangle Button.

Set File Access Permission In Mac OS X


3. Now Click on Lock Icon to Unlock, then Put Administrator Password to get authentication to edit. And then Click on + (Plus) button then Select user on which you have to set access permission. Click on Select. 

Set File Access Permission In Mac OS X


4. Now User has been added, Now In the Privilege section Click on Drop-down menu for particular user then Select Permission (Read Only) which you want to give.

Set File Access Permission In Mac OS X


5. Now If you want to undo your change then Click on Gear button and then Click on Revert.


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