Security and Control Features Guide For Windows 7

Security and Control Features Guide for Windows 7 will help to learn about it. Security is the most important thing of the Computer to prevent your computer and data from Hackers,Virus, Trojan and Warm etc. If you are running internet on your computer then the Chances of the Hacking and virus will increase on your computer.  Microsoft Given some features inbuilt in windows 7 to prevent your computer from unauthorized accessing and also Viruses. Microsoft trying to improve features on windows day by day to protect your computer.

Security and Control Features Guide


 Security and Control Feature in Windows 7 

Enable Windows Firewall


Firewall is the Software and Hardware, Software Firewall inbuilt with Windows PC. Firewall is the most Important things to protect your computer from unwanted incoming connection. Its checks incoming connections, data and Information which is coming  from Internet and Local area Networks. If you can allow or disallow any incoming connection from internet and Networks. You can block suspicious Connection to prevent your computer from Virus, Trojan, Spyware and unauthorized accessing.

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Windows Firewall
Firewall work between Internet and Computer like Below Image.
If all Network and Internet traffic pass through it then Its filter information and then forward to the computer. You have to enable firewall to protect your Computer.


Enable Windows Update Automatically

You have to Enable Windows Update Automatically feature in Windows 7 Because of Microsoft send daily Important Update to your Windows PC.  you have to Install that new update regularly to protect your computer from  new Virus, Trojan and spyware.
Windows Update
you can set time when you want to download Important update and then Install on your computer. You can Install new update update In a week and also select day and time when you wan to install Update.

Enable Windows Defender

Windows Defender is the Anti-Spyware Program which inbuilt with Windows 7 . Its protect your computer from Spyware and Malware. Windows Defender protect you computer when Spyware try to Install or Run and alert when Spyware try to change Windows setting.
Spyware is the program which can be automatically install your computer when your are installing any software through Pen-drive or CD/DVD. Its Install Unwanted Toolbar change Homepage and will display attractive advertisement. Spyware is connect with Internet and hack Data and Information from your Computer. Its used to collect information from your computer.
Windows Defender
There is also option to schedule Scanning. You can scan your computer regularly from Windows Defender. You have to set time setting Daily or in a Week set specific day and time to scan your Computer.

Using Standard User Account

Using Standard account instead of Administrator account will Protect your Computer. Because of Administrator account have all control of your computer and  can give certain rights to the Standard user account. so that if you are using standard account hackers can not access and control your computer and also Can not delete and create user account.

User Account Control (UAC)

UAC feature comes with Windows Vista and Windows server 2008. When user can try make change setting of your computer then UAC Prompt and ask for the Administrator Permission. Hackers can not Run script to install automatic program and change setting of your computer.
User account Control
 If you want to Notify then you have to move slider top to always Notify and if you want turn off UAC then move slider down to never notify and then Click ok.
These are the features of Windows 7 which can help to Protect your computer from unauthorized access, Hackers , Spyware, Virus and Malicious Software.
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