How to Save and Edit Autofill Information in Safari on Mac OS X

Autofill is one of the best feature in Safari Web Browser  save our web Information,Credit Card Information . You Can Edit Autofill Information in Safari.If you will save your form such as your contact Information, Address, Phone Numbers etc then there is no need to type Information again and again. There is also best feature is that you can save your Credit card Information then if you will purchase something then no need to put credit card information again. It will help to make speed up your work. 
 Save and Edit Autofill Information in Safari


Edit Autofill Information In Safari


1. First of all open your Safari Web Browser, then Click on Safari Menu and then Click on Preferences.
Safari Preferences
2. Now on the Preferences windows, Click on AutoFill Tab.
Autofill in Safari Browser
3. Now Select AutoFill web form check box what do you want to edit or update. If you want to edit your Contact Information then Select Using info from my Contact card check box and then Click on Edit. its for save your Contact, Address and location.
4. Now Click on Plus Button then Add and edit your contact Information then Click on Done, you can save your multiple Contact Information.
Add Contact Info in Safari

Save Credit Card in Safari Autofill 

5.  Now to save Credit Card Information Select Credit card check box and then Click on Edit.

Add Credit Card in Safari Browser
6. Now Click on Add button then put Credit card Information and then Click on Done. You can save edit and remove and also can save multiple credit card.
For security reason Safari won’t save your CVV number.
Now on the other form option you can save your web information just like Website name and login information.
Now there is no need to put your information again and again. Its help you to save your time. If you want to to disable any option then just you have to un-check appropriate check box.
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