How to Restrict Access to Removable Device In Windows 10

You can restrict access to removable device or media in windows 10. Now a days security is very big concern in Information technology. Everyone have their sensitive and privet data in PC. Then Admin can prevent user to copy their sensitive data in removable media such as CD/DVD drive, USB drive, Floppy Drive, etc. Its also can restrict to read of removable media  data. This feature also can protect your PC from viruses, because  may be USB storage device contain virus. 

Restrict Access to Removable Device


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  1. First of all, Go to Windows 10 PC and press Windows key + R, Then Type gpedit.msc to open Group Policy Editor and then Click on OK.

Restrict Access to Removable Device


2. Now on the Group Policy Editor window, Click Expand User Configuration => Administrative Template => System => Removable Storage Access.

Now on Right-Pane, Double-Click on All Removable Storage Classes: Deny all access

Restrict Access to Removable Device


3. Now on the All Removable Storage classes: Deny all access dialog box, Select Enabled radio button and then Click on Apply and OK.

Restrict Access to Removable Device



4. Now when user will try to open any Removable device such as CD/DVD drive or USB drive etc, Then PC will prompt error message Access is denied.

Restrict Access to Removable Device

Now your Windows 10 PC secure, no body can steal your sensitive and important files and data.  

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