How to Remove 100MB System Reserved Partition In Windows 7

Remove 100MB System Reserved Partition In Windows 7. When you Install Windows 7 on you machine then it will Automatically Create 100MB System reserved Partition. Simply you can’t remove this partition . Before remove it you have to make sure C: is the primary partition. System reserved partition have boot loader. It reserve space for the Startup files.

Remove 100MB System Reserved Partition

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1.  Boot from Windows Installation or repair Disk.
2. Now On the language Screen press , Shift + F10 .
3. Now type Diskpart command, then Press Enter and then Type List disk command and then Press Enter .
4. Now Type Select Disk 0 and then Press Enter .
5. Now Type List Partition and then press Enter. it will show list of partition on your drive .
6. Now type Select partition 1 then press Enter to Delete 100MB partition .
  • Type  delete partition override and then press Enter .
  • Now type select Partition 2 and then press Enter .
  • Now Type Active to Activate partition 2 .
7.  Now close Command Prompt Windows .
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