How to Remotely Lock a Lost Android Phone

You can Remotely Lock a Lost Android Phone also Erase Data of your mobile Phone. There is a feature Android Device Manager through which you can control on your Phone if Its Lost. There is three option you Can Ring, Lock and Wipe remotely. Its very useful tips to Prevent your Important Data on your Phone. You can lock phone with you own new Password.


  • Should be Internet Connection Turn On In your Android Mobile Phone
  • Android Phone associated with your Google Account
  • PC with Internet Connection through you can Access Android Device Manager.

Remotely Lock a Lost Android Phone


1. Go to Android Phone, then Go to Apps menu and then Tap on Settings.

2. Now Tap on Security Option and then Next Screen Tap on Device Administrators.

Remotely Lock a Lost Android Phone


3. Now on the Device Administrator Screen, Turn on Android Device Manager Check Box to Enable it and then on Next screen Tap on Activate.

Remotely Lock a Lost Android Phone


4. After that you will see that Android Device Manager has been enabled. you will have to keep it activated all time because of when your mobile device will lost then your can manage it remotely.

Track Android Phone

5. Now Suppose your android Phone has been lost then you have to Lock and Erase data from it. Then Go to your PC then Open Internet web Browser.

Now Open Android Device Manager with URL – 

6. Now Login with your Google Account which is associated with your Android Mobile phone which has been lost.

7. Now you will get Android Device Manager Screen, First It will Contact with your Device, then Showing up three Option Ring , Lock and Erase. If you want to Lock your Lost Mobile Phone then Click on Lock Option.

Remotely Lock a Lost Android Phone

 Lock Android Phone

8. Now New Lock Screen will Prompt Put New Password and again Confirm it, Also you can send Recovery Message when your Device will Lock and  also you can send Phone number along with message to Finder can call yiu back to Return your Lost Mobile Phone and then Click on Lock.

Remotely Lock a Lost Android Phone


9. Now it will show Message We successfully sent Lock Request to your Device.

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