How to Protect Apple ID with Two-Step Verification

You can Protect Apple ID With Two-Step Verification to prevent from Hacking. Some time we hear that iCloud Account has been hacked. So Two-Step verification is very useful for security purpose. Its Include your iCloud account, iMassage and iTunes Stores Purchase. Its a another security feature to protect Apple ID. Two-steps verification means to login first put your User ID and Password then its again send verification code to your Trusted device then you will have to put verification code to Login.

There is also a feature that you can store security key to access your Account in case of Forget Password.

Protect Apple ID with Two-Step Verification


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1. First of all open your Apple ID Page, then Click on Manage Your Apple ID.

2. Now Login with your User ID and Password. Then Click Password and Security option on the Left Pane, then Click on Get Started…., Under Two-Step Verification options.

Protect Apple ID with Two-Step Verification

3. Now Click on Continue to Confirmation.  Its asking for do you agree to Send Verification code on your mobile Device.

Protect Apple ID with Two-Step Verification

Enable Two-Steps Verification 


4. Now on the Below image it will show the complete description how your two step Verification will work. After enable two steps verification, there is no need to remember your security question for reset password and Login. You can reset your Apple ID Password with the help of Trusted device and Recovery Key.

You will have to keep Recovery Key on safe place in case of lost trusted device, you can use Recovery Key to Reset Password.

Now Click on Continue to go further.

Protect Apple ID with Two-Step Verification

5.  Now on the below Image given Complete Description to Manage Your Apple ID. After Enable it only you can manage your Apple ID from

  • Your Apple ID Password
  • Trusted Device
  • Recovery Key

Now If you agree then Click on Get Started button.

Protect Apple ID with Two-Step Verification

6. Now you will have to wait for 3 Days, Its for Security reason because Apple ensure that no any other user try to set Two-step verification on same ID. Now Click on Done.

Protect Apple ID with Two-Step Verification

7. Now After 3 Days, Apple Will send Confirmation Email that Two-steps verification has been enabled on your Apple ID. 

8. Now you will have to Login on Apple ID then, Click on Password and Security Option , then Put two security question answer, and then Click on Continue.

10. Now Click on Get Started link under Two-steps Verification, Then Click on Continue on Prompted box.

11. Now Click on Add a Phone number… Link , Now Put the Phone number of trusted device from which you can receive Text message. Then Click on Next button.

Protect Apple ID with Two-Step Verification

12. Now you will receive four digit Pin Code on your Trusted Device as a text message, Then Put that 4 digit Code to Verify your Phone number and then Click on Verify.

Protect Apple ID with Two-Step Verification

13. Now Click on Continue Button.

14. Now it will Give to Recovery Key, You will have to Copy and keep it safe place or Print recovery Key. then Click on Continue.

15. Now Type your Recovery Key and then Click on Confirm.

16. Now on the Final option, If you are agree then Select I Understand the Conditions above check box and then Click on Enable two-step Verification.

Protect Apple ID with Two-Step Verification

Finally you have been Enable two-steps Verification Successfully.

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