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PDFWare PDF Unlocker is best tool for PDF. Access restriction is one of the most powerful features offered by PDF documents. This includes User level restrictions and Owner level restrictions. Both of these methods to limit and barred document access authorities are beneficial. But sometimes, they appear as the most annoying and needs to be eliminated from the PDF files with utmost priority. This can be done with the help of PDF Unlocker tool as it helps eliminating both User level as well as Owner level restrictions from the Portable Document Files.
Product Synopsis:
      ®    Product Release:      v3.1
      ®    Product Size:           2.8 MB
      ®    User Licenses:         Personal, Business, Enterprise
     ®    Versions:                 Demo & Licensed
    ®    Technical Support:   Provided 24*7
Download & Installation: Technical Insights
The product can be downloaded from its official website by following the link
There are two versions available including demo and licensed version. The trial version comes with limited usage and helps removing restrictions from the file. But the resultant file appears with developer’s watermark stamp endorsed on it. The licensed version enables to remove restrictions from limitless files and the resultant files can be saved anywhere on machine.
For installing the tool, the system processor requires to be 2.4 GHz with 1 GB RAM specifications. It can be installed over Window 8.1 and all lower versions and supports Adobe Acrobat XI and previous versions. Apart from this, 5 MB of free space is required on the system hard drive.
Features of the Tool:
  •   The tool removes printing, content copying, page extraction, signing and other restrictions from the file.
  •     If user level password is been assigned to the PDF document, it removes the same by providing the correct password credentials.
  •    Maintains the integrity, formatting as well as the original structure of the incorporated data and images.
  •      Displays the preview for all the assigned permissions within the tool panel.
  •    Once, the permissions are removed, the corresponding status instantly changes in the tool panel.
  •     Original files remain un-altered and new unlocked files are created.
  •     Output PDF documents are saved at user selected location on machine.

Getting Started:
Initial window of the PDF Unlocker tool appears like:
Step 1: Click on the ‘Unlock PDF’ and then click on the ‘Browse’ button associated with ‘Select PDF File’ to upload the locked file.
As soon as the PDF is been selected the assigned permissions gets displayed in the column provided under ‘Permissions on PDF File’ section.
Step 2: Provide the destination location for saving the resultant file by clicking on the ‘Browse’ button available with ‘Select Destination’.
Step 3: Click on the ‘Unlock PDF’ button to start the restriction removal task.
The status of the permissions assigned to the PDF documents are changed instantly as soon as the restriction removal task is completed.
This way, the restricted PDF document is unlocked in three steps.
Alternate Benefits:
The tool is available in three user licenses that include Personal, Business and Enterprise license. The personal license does not support batch processing of PDF files. For unlocking batch files, Business or Enterprise licenses can be purchased. The technical support is provided 24*7 for resolving product related queries.
Availability of distinct user licenses provides the benefit of selecting either; based on usage requirements. The Trial version provides the opportunity to test the software without making any investments. Activation key can be acquired within few hours of making payment for the licensed product.
Modifications Required:

The tool helps removing all sorts of PDF access restrictions from the file. But it does not remove passwords without providing the accurate credentials. This limitation must be eliminated from the tool and it must remove passwords without prompting for the same. In addition, personal license must support batch execution of files as it will save time and efforts too.
Final Analysis:
The tool is well versed with all the features that are required to unlock PDF files. Minor changes are required to make the tool more user-centric. Since, the PDF files are widely used to share information electronically, it is necessary to assign access restrictions on these files. Though, these limitations and authorities sometimes prove to be annoying, PDF Unlocker helps gaining access to the incorporated data. I found the restriction removal tool helpful as my experience with the same is quite satisfactory. Therefore, I would rate it 7 on the scale of 10.
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