Port Number and Protocol Name List in Computer

Port number and Protocol used to Identify Sender and Receiver massage in a communication. Post number used to make secure communication between two devices, like Server and client. Each protocol has its own unique port number. because device understand service with port number instead of Protocol name. Port number is associated with IP Address (Network Address). Its used for UDP and TCP Networks and Port number range is 0 to 65536. 
As we know that
TCP is a Connection oriented protocol and UDP is a Connection less protocol.

Port Number and Protocol

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  • Port Number are a 16-bit Binary Number.
  • Port Number Range is 0 – 65535.
7Echo Protocol.
20FTP Data.
21FTP Control.
22Secure Cell.
25Simple Mail Transfer Protocol( SMTP ).
38Routing Access Protocol.
39Resource Location Protocol.
42Windows Internet Name Service.
43WHOIS Protocol.
53Domain Name System (DNS).
56Route Access Protocol.
57Mail Transfer Protocol.
67DHCP Server.
68DHCP Client.
69Travel File transfer Protocol.
70 to 74Remote Job Service.
80Hyper text transfer protocol(HTTP).
107Remote Telnet Service.
110Post Office Protocol (POP v3).
113Authentication Service.
115Simple File transfer Protocol (SFTP ).
118SQL Service.
119Network News Transfer Protocol.
123Network Time Protocol.
137NetBIOS Name Service.
138NetBIOS Datagram Service.
139NetBIOS Session Service.
143Internet message Access Protocol,v4.
156SQL Server.
159NSS- Routing.
161Simple Network Management Protocol.
162Simple Network Management Protocol Trap.
179Border Gateway Protocol.
193Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol.
194Internet Relay Chat.
201AppleTalk Routing Maintenance.
213InterNetwork Packet Exchange.
220Internet Message Access Protocol,v3.

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