Play Foosball On Your iPad With A Real Foosball Table


Gadgets are slowly becoming a part of our everyday life and most of them are made to make our life easier. Those useful gadgets aren’t my topic today. Today I want to talk about one extremely fun gadget which gives the meaning: „playing on the iPad“ a completely different dimension.

Play foosball on your iPad with a real foosball table


People in New Potato Technologies really love foosball and they realized that playing foosball on iPhone or iPad is missing something. So, to improve the gaming experience for all foosball enthusiast, they made a real, functional foosball table for your iPad.  So, what do you need for this awesome foosball stand? The game and an iPad. The table is compatible with the iPad 1,2 and 3 and there is only one application compatible with it. The application is called the Classic Match Foosball, also made by the New Potato Technologies. The app is free, but the table you have to buy. Good thing is that it is not really expensive. After all, it is one gadget that will entertain you and your friends for hours.

Play foosball on your iPad with a real foosball table

Now, let’s talk about the table. It is the most amazing gadget made for some game I have seen in a while.

The foosball table for iPad consists of:

  • 1 stand for iPad
  • 4 legs
  • 8 rods, 4 on each side
  • 1 USB port with cable

The stand is the place you put the iPad on. Legs are quite stable and they are high enough so you can turn the handles without scratching the floor. Like every other foosball table, this one also has 8 rods, 4 on each side so it really resembles the real table soccer. The main downside of a gadget like this would be a battery. But, this gadget has 1 USB port and with it, you can charge the iPad while playing the game. Just, make sure that you plug the cable in. Overall, the assembly is pretty fast and simple and I am sure you can do it all under few minutes.

The game itself is great, the rods are pretty precise so every movement you make, even the smallest ones, the rod will make it too. One thing I am not a fan of is the fact that real rods aren’t in line with the application rods. They are all moved a little bit so in first few matches you won’t be sure which rod used to move the players, but I am sure it is pretty easy to figure it out.

The table is advertised as a game for 4, but I am not sure that 4 people can play it in the same time. The iPad and the stand are pretty small so it would be a struggle to grab one rod and focus on the game for you and 3 friends. The better choice is to play in pairs, then the one who loses plays with the one who has won in the other pair.


Mark is a foosball lover who has a blog about foosball. If you have any doubts about what foosball table to buy or you just want to learn more about foosball in general then this is the blog for you. Everything you need to know about foosball you can read on Foosball Zone.

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