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What is Routing Protocol

There are three classes of Routing protocol 1- Distance vector-:  Those protocol which is find the best path to a remote network  on the basis of distance vector protocol and  the vector indicate the direction . The route Route consider…
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What is Dynamic Routing In Computer Networks

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic routing is unlike Static routing, on which administrator manually define network and route in router. A type of Dynamic Routing, which protocol are used to find best and shortest path for route the data for the destination. Its used…
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What is Default Routing

[post_ad]Default Routing used only in a stub network  which has only one exit interface in this type of Routing administrator dose not has knowledge of the destination but it must know the next hope address . it is mainly used…
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what is Static Routing

[post_ad]In Static Routing administrator has  knowledge about  their network so he manually define the route in the routing table for routing packet from source to destination . Advantage of static routing-: There is no overhead on the CPU of Router so…
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What is WINS Server in Computer Networking must know

In this post you will learn What is WINS Server. WINS (Window internet name service) Server resolve the query with the help of Netbios. Netbios is the name of computer its maximum character length is 15 character, 14 character  provide by user…
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Type of Backup In Windows Server

Type of Backup In Windows

There is many type of Backup in Windows Server. Backup is a process taking of image of file or database. it is  like copy of the data but no adjust copy because we can’t see file without restoring. This process…
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What is Protocol In Computer Networking

Protocol in Computer Networking Play Vital Role to make Communication between Devices. Protocol is a setup rules and regulation which is allow communication and transfer data between two device. Protocol ensure that how to data transfer in the network and…
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What is Group in Computer Networking

Group is a collection of user which is use to manage and provide permission and security.  You can also say Its a Collection of Computer which has different -2 authorization from Domain Server. Some group will be some access and…
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What is Group scope In Computer Networking

What is Group scope

Group scope is use to define the limitation of user in the Domain. You should know, What is Group scope, if you are Windows administrator. Its used for security purpose in network. group scope provide authentication and restriction. Group is the…
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What is an IP Address in Computer Networks

What is an IP Address

Everyone should be aware about what is an IP address in Computer networks. IP stand for Internet Protocol.  IP(Internet protocol) address is an logical address which is provide unique identification to our computer. It is used to communicate with other…
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