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What is Difference Between BOOTP and DHCP

Here we explain difference between BOOTP and DHCP protocol. The BOOTP is the host configuration protocol developed before DHCP. BOOTP is mainly used for Diskless workstation and DHCP is used for Windows Network. A computer terminal which does not have…
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What is SSL-Secure Socket Layer Protocol

SSL-Secure Socket Layer Protocol

SSL-Secure Socket Layer Protocol is a developed by Netscape for transmission data over the internet. SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) Protocol is designed to provide security, and encryption to the data generated from application layer. SSL Protocol mainly used…
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What is NAT – Network Address Translation

NAT (Network Address Translation) used to reduce the requirement of the Public IP address and increase security of Internal Computer Networks. NAT is a method in which Internal Network IP address translate into Public IP address before reach to external…
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CheckPoint Firewall Self Practice Question and Answer

CheckPoint Firewall Self Practice Question

This is the Checkpoint Firewall self practice question and answer. Through this multiple question and answer you can test your self about Checkpoint firewall knowledge.    CheckPoint Firewall Self Practice Question Recommended Post Play Computer Networking Basic Self test Quiz…
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How to Disable the Lock Screen in Windows 10

Disable the Lock Screen

You can disable the Lock screen in Windows 10 operating system. First time lock screen feature comes with Windows 8 operating system. When your windows 10 boot up or wakeup from sleep then first screen will be Lock screen. After that…
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