Computer Networking Interview Question and Answer

Below Computer networking Interview question and answer will help you to crack interview. Its related to system administrator interview question.

Networking Interview Question

1. What is Server.
Ans. Server Provide resources to the Client Computer from Centralized location. Server fulfill the services which is requested by Client Computer.
Ex. 1. DHCP server
      2. DNS server
      3. Web server
2. Different between FAT and NTFS.
FAT Stand for File Allocation Table.
Encryption & Compression option is not available 
Disk Quota option is not Available 
There are two categories Fat 16 & Fat 32
FAT only Provide Up to folder level security 
NTFS Stand for New Technology File System
Encryption and Compression option available 
Disk Quota option Available
NTFS provide Up to file level security
3. What is Active Directory.
Ans-  Active Directory is a Domain Controller . It is a database that keep all Information related to whole network, such as User , password, computer, It provide the services for Network Administration ans Security. when Active Directory installed any Computer that Computer knows as Domain Controller.
4. What is Default gateway .
Default gateway is the IP address of the Router in network. it is used to local network to the internet. Default gateway is the device which passes traffic from one network to another network.
5. What is POP server .
POP stand for post office protocol . mainly it is used to retrieve mail from E-mail server.


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