Network Security

Types of Wireless Network Security

Wireless Network Security

There are four types of wireless network security are data encryption, port based access control, Services system identifier (SSID) and Media Access Control (MAC) address filtering. Data encryption secures the data that transmit through the network and rest are for…
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What is VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Virtual Private Network

VPN (Virtual Private Network) provide secure communication between private network over Internet (Public Network). It used within a company or organizations. VPN maintains fast, secure and reliable communication between computers at remote location. VPN Enable geographically scattered employee of organizations…
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CheckPoint Firewall Self Practice Question and Answer

CheckPoint Firewall Self Practice Question

This is the Checkpoint Firewall self practice question and answer. Through this multiple question and answer you can test your self about Checkpoint firewall knowledge.¬†   CheckPoint Firewall Self Practice Question Recommended Post Play Computer Networking Basic Self test Quiz…
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