How to Mount Router IOS Image In GNS3 Simulator

I am going to tell you how to mount Router IOS image in GNS3 simulator. GNS3 use original IOS image to add virtual router on your Topology. GNS3 one of the best Net simulator application for student who can do practice like real network scenario. GSN3 provide real time output for the use for which he type command. Its also provide accurate output for the users because of its use real Router IOS Image. You can create your own Lab for practical purpose. Because Router, Switches and other Network device is too costly so everyone can’t affords these device. So that IT professionals are using GNS3 Simulator.

Mount Router IOS Image In GNS3 


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  1. First of all you will have to Download Router IOS image on your PC. 

2. First of all Launch GNS3 Simulator on your PC. Then Click on Edit menu and then Click on Preferences… 

Mount Router IOS Image In GNS3

3. Now on the Preferences windows, on the left pane Click on IOS Routers under dynamips, Then Click on New Button.

Mount Router IOS Image In GNS3

4. Now Click on Browse button, then select Router image from your PC, and then Click on Next.

Mount Router IOS Image In GNS3

5. Now on the Next windows it will show Router series name, you can change it. then Click on Next.

6. Now on this memory section windows, You can allocate memory for your IOS Image. If you will increase memory then Router Performance will be boost. Then Click on Next.

Mount Router IOS Image In GNS3

7. Now again Click on Next, Next, and then Click on Apply then OK.

Now you will see that Router Image has been mounted in GNS3 now you can Drag it in console area for create your topology and Create your real internetwork for your Lab.

Mount Router IOS Image In GNS3

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