Introduction of Infromation Technology

Information Technology is a body of knowledge used to create tools, develop skills, technology. It can be used to refer to way of doing something or a means of organization for instance, democracy might be considered a social technology. The word is also used to describe the extent to switch a society can manipulate its environment.
Information technology play vital role in Progress of any Modern organization. Now day without Information Technology You can’t Imagine any thing. Now days Schools, Colleges, Hospitals and every small and modern business Information technology Play Vital Roles.
Role Of Informtion Technology

 About Information Technology

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Data Management 

 Data Management Is the Important Role of the Information Technology. Now you can store large numbers of data on centralized location of your organizations Before Information technology. There are large numbers of Row of Files and mailing document was difficult to find any particular data from among large numbers of files in organization or banking system.
Now days you can access your data from centralized location is very easy. There are different datacenter for your database system to protect your data. 
Database management system is process through you can store large no of data on centralized location by multiple user and also that data can be access by multiple authenticate user. There are some programing language used to for Database Management System

Computer Networking

Computer Networking is the heart of Information technology with Computer Networking I think nothing is possible for Information Technology. 
Computer Networking Used to Connect two or more then two computer Together. Through which you can share data from any computer with in your organization and also you can access that share data from any computer within organization. It help to reduce the hardware device and man power in your organization .
such as – Only one Printer you can connect with multiple computer instead of single printer for every computer .

Type Of Computer Networking
1. LAN ( Local Area Network )
2. MAN ( Metro Area Network)
3. WAN ( Wide Area Network)
Go to detail –  Type of Computer Networking

Communication / Internet

Communication is the biggest impact of Information Technology. Communication means that medium of the communication between employees and Management. Older day there are Postman was the medium of the send Information and receive information between the Employees and Management. 
But Now Days Emailing technology is the first choice of the Employees. You can send email and then receiver will get Email with in a second. Its really improved the process of communication in the organization.
Now days also a communication method is online Video Conferencing , online chatting etc .


There are also Impact of Information Technology on the education . It help to student to Learn from online. Now day many Institute where you can’t able to go then you can join online course to learn from home. You can make your project and any software with the help of Programing on the Computer.
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