How to Install CheckPoint GAIA Firewall R77 on VMware Part-1

Install Checkpoint GAIA Firewall on VMware is the very easily. Checkpoint one of the best next generation firewall for network security. Its also known as Stateful Firewall and inspect traffic upto Application layer. As we know that Now a days Network security and data is the big challenge for a Corporate world. so in this article tell you installation process of GAIA R77 on VMware. 

There is Three Tier Architecture in Checkpoint Firewall.

  • Security Gateway
  • Security Management
  • Smart Console

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First of all we will have to understand Topology of Checkpoint firewall for Network (below Image).

Checkpoint Topology

Create Virtual Machine In VMware


First of all you will have to create Virtual machine on which you have to Install Checkpoint firewall. You can download Checkpoint GAIA from Checkpoint official Site.

  1. Launch VMware on your base machine, then Click on Create a New Virtual Machine option.Then Select Typical (Recommended) radio button and then Click on Next.

Create Virtual Machine In VMware

2. Now you will have to give path of the Checkpoint GAIA ISO file, If you have CD/DVD then select Installer Disk radio button. In my case I have ISO file on my PC so i will select Installer disc image file (iso): radio button. Then browse ISO image from yor PC and then Click on Next.

Create Virtual Machine In VMware

3. Now Select Other radio button, under Guest Operating system then Click on drop-down menu to select Other or Other-64 and then Click on Next.

4. Now Give the Name of your virtual Machine such as Checkpoint Firewall and then Click on Next. then assign max disk size and then Click on Next. and then Click on Finish.

Now you will see CheckPoint firewall virtual machine has been created. Now you can start proceed to install GAIA R77 on this virtual machine.

Install Checkpoint GAIA Firewall


5. Now Click on Power on this Virtual Machine to start installation. Then Click or Press Enter on Install Gaia on this System. Now Click on Ok to Confirm Installation Process. Then It will ask for Keyboard type then select US and then Click OK.

Install Checkpoint GAIA Firewall

6. Now type administrator login password then again confirm to access Checkpoint firewall to admin. And then Click on OK.

Install Checkpoint GAIA Firewall

7.  Now you have to assign IP Address to your to Management Interface of Checkpoint Firewall, By default eth0 is Management interface through which you can access your firewall from remote location.

Install Checkpoint GAIA Firewall

8. After that you will Installation process going on. After Installation complete it ask to Reboot then press Enter.

9. After Reboot firewall you will see that CheckPoint Firewall has been Installed on VMware.


In this article you have seen that how to install CheckPoint GAIA Firewall R77 on Virtual Machine and Platform has been ready . Now on the Part-2 article you will see that How to Setup and configure from remote access.

Install Checkpoint GAIA Firewall

Now for further Installation and Configuration step by step VisitCheckpoint Firewall Configuration part-2  

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