How to Increase Backlink of your Blog

 Increase Backlink of your Blog Play an Important role in SEO, It is also called Inbound Link. Backlink are link from another Websites that link to your Websites means Incoming link to your websites know as Backlink Backlink play the main role to increase to increase Google Page Rank and Alexa Ranking. Traffic on your websites depend on Backlink. This can result in High SERP’s. If you want to Higher Ranking in the Search Engine then you will have to get backlink from Higher Backlink Websites . Backlink can Boost your Ranking in SERP’s.
 Increase Backlink of your Blog

Increase Backlink of your Blog

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1. Online Directory Submission 

 This is one of the best way to increase high quality backlink on your blog . you can submit your blog some web directories which to get backlink . when you will submit your blog in web directories it will automatically submit your post in search Engine . It will Increase organic traffic from search engine on your blog and it will help to increase alexa Ranking of your Blog . there are some Blog Submission websites list below………
2. BlogCatalog 

4. Yahoo Directory


6. AllTop

7. Indiblogger

8. IM Talk

9. Sitewebdirectory


2. Guest Posting

This is one of the best way increase Backlink of your blog .  Guest posting is most effective way to increase Ranking of your Blog . Guest Posting used to build relationship with other blog . guest posting is allowing to other people Posting Article on your Blog . 
Its used to get more link and Build New Connection . you can write article to post on another Person Blog and allow to another person write Post on your Blog .

3. Post regularly 

This is great way to increase backlink on your blog . If you are post regularly on your blog then you can keep user on your blog . Try to post new thing on your blog is good thing . You can post after on days does’t matter but if your article is unique and peaceful then Its better for keep in update in Search engine .

4.  Commenting on Blog 

 Commenting on Blog is also one of the best thing to increase Backlink on your websites/blog. because you can add your Blog URL in the Comment Box .Commenting on new Posted Article related to your blog definitely get Traffic on your blog 
Commenting on Commentluv enable blog is best way to increase traffic on your Blog because it is link your Recent post on your Comment Section . Its used to build Relation ship with other Blog .

5. Social Networking

This is the best way to create backlink on your blog . There are Some Social Bookmarking websites where you can share your content or post on Social media sites . You can Create your own Blog Page on Social Media websites and also create your Profile on these Websites. You can Bookmark your page on Social Bookmarking website . Facebook is a Most popular social Media Website where your can post your blog Article on related group . You will have to Put Social Media sharing Button on your Article Page .
Top Social Media Websites .

1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. Google + 4. Linkedin 5. Stumbleupon 6. Delicious 7. Digg 8. Reddit  9. MySpace 10.Pinerest 

6. Posting On Forum 

Posting on Forum is a also great way to Build backlink and get Traffic on your Blog . You can give answer of question related to your blog post and leave Link of your Blog post . Asking question ans posting answer is the best way to get backlink. you can use your websites link as a signature .



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