How to increase Alexa Rank of your Blog

Alexa Ranking is the Most important part of SEO. If you increase Alexa Rank is then you can get much better traffic on your blog. Now days online marking is growing up and Alexa ranking play vital role to improve of Website or Blog traffic. The Alexa Rank is Calculated by daily visitor on your blog or website by the help of algorithm .   

Alexa Internet Inc is a Sub-diary Company of Its provide the rank of your Blog among millions of Websites  . 

increase Alexa Rank



 Increase Alexa Rank of your blog

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1. Alexa Toolbar 
 Download and Install Alexa Toolbar on your Browser then set your blog or websites on home page . Also ask your friend to install Alexa Toolbar using your reference . 
You can create your own toolbar of your blog then publish that toolbar set that toolbar link on your blog to Download .

2. Put Alexa Rank Widget 
 Put Alexa Rank Widget on your Blog . it will help to increase Alexa Rank on your Blog . Then Alexa will count each click then it will boost your blog Ranking .

3. Write Blog Post about Alexa Write a blog post about alexa because Alexa love to here about alexa credibility . If you publish content about Alexa  then Alexa users will be increase so that Alexa will increase of your Ranking .

4. Comments On other Blog

Leave comment on other blog or websites of your related blog . It will also increase backlinks of your blog as well as increase Alexa rank . Make sure try to put comment on higher ranking blog or websites.

5. Guest Posting 
 Guest posting is one of the great way to increase backlink as well as Alexa Rank of your blog. Guest posting on the top ranking website or blog will boost your Alexa Ranking . If you will post on another Blog then that will give backing of your blog . 

6. Share Post on Social networking Websites

Its a great way to increase traffic on your blog and also share your Websites link on social networking Websites . It will increase huge Alexa Rank on your Websites .

Social Networking Websites –  

1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. Google + 4. Linkedin 5. Stumbleupon 6. Delicious 7. Digg 8. Reddit  9. MySpace 10.Pinerest 

7. Claim your blog on Alexa 

Claim your blog or Websites on Alexa . It Will review your blog and then Increase Alexa Rank of your Blog. 

8. Create your own Blog Toolbar

You can Create your own alexa Toolbar of your blog . Then Put Download alexa Toolbar Widget on your blog .

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