How to Import Web Data In Google Spreadsheet

Google Doc is the great feature to store data online . you can  Import Web Data In Google Spreadsheet. Now days Google Doc, Google Drive and Google Spreadsheet is very popular to store data online and you can access and edit data from anywhere over the world. Suppose you are working on Google Spreadsheet then you want to put any table on your spreadsheet from web data . ImportHTML Function will use to Import Web on Google Spreadsheet . It very easy steps to Import Web Data in Google Spread Sheet
Import Web Data In Google Spreadsheet


Import Web Data In Google Spreadsheet

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1. First of all Open New Google Spreadsheet and then Click on any Cell then Type =ImportHTML(
Import Webdata in Google Spreadsheet
Now it will ask to specify 3 things 
URL – Specify the website page URL from which you have to Import Web Data.
Query – In this you have to specify that Data is in Table or List .
Index – In this which number of table import from webpage suppose I have to access 1st table from webpage then I will put 1 .
2. Now if you want to Import Windows 7 keyboard shortcut table from Technet2u Webpage then type below command in the Google spreadsheet cell .
and then Press Enter .
Import Web Data In Google Spreadsheet
3. Now you will see that keyboard shortcut table has been Imported in Google Spreadsheet from Web Page .
Import Web Data In Google Spreadsheet


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