How to Setup Reminders in Mac OS X Mavericks

You can Setup Reminders in Mac OS X for alert anything on Certain Time and Date. Its a Inbuilt feature in Mac OS X to Create Reminders. Its can be repeat again and again for specific Interval. Its very useful for who mostly forget their task then reminder play vital role to remember. In iPhone and iPad for can set specific location for Reminder. 

Setup Reminders in Mac OS X 

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1. First of all Open Mac OS X Mavericks, then Click on Go button from Menu and then Click on Applications.

 Setup Reminders in Mac OS X


2. Now on the Application Windows Click on Reminder Icon to Create Reminder.

 Setup Reminders in Mac OS X


3. Create Reminder List

To create New Reminder list just Click Click on Plus (+) button on the Bottom. Suppose you want to create Birthday List of your family and friends. After Click on Plus Button New List will highlight then Right-click on that then Click on Rename and then type the name( Birthday) of the List.

 Setup Reminders in Mac OS X

4. Create New Reminder

After Create List you will have to Add Reminder in this list, Now Click on Plus (+) on the Top-right Corner. Suppose you wan to add Robert Birthday then type Reminder Name ( Robert Birthday).

Now Click on i small Icon to custom setting, now Robert Birthday Dialog Box Will Prompt, then Select On a Day Check Box and then Select Date and Month of Robert Birthday from Calender. and then Click on Done.

 Setup Reminders in Mac OS X

Now you Reminder has been Created. Now you will get  Reminder for Robert Birthday on specified date.

5. Repeat Reminder

If you wan that Reminder will Repeat Every day, In a Week, or Month then you will have to Click on Repeat Drop-Down menu and select when Every day, Every Week, or Every Month. and then Click on Done.

 Setup Reminders in Mac OS X

6.  Setup Location Based Reminder

Location based reminder you can setup in iPhone and iPad. Means that it will remind your task on specified location. Suppose you have to buy book from Washington then you wan that when you leave Washington its remind you to purchase Technet 2U Book.   

Now Create Reminder and then Click on i Small icon then Dialog box will prompt then Select At a Location Check Box , then Type Location name, then Select Leaving or Arriving Radio Button and then Click on Done. 

 Setup Reminders in Mac OS X

Now you Location Based Reminder Has been created Completely. Now you will get reminder for birthday on specified date and time. 


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