How to Set Time Limit for Standard User In Windows 7

You can Set Time Limit for Standard User In Windows 7 using Parental Control. Its a great feature in windows 7 that you can control your Children for use your Computer. Set time Limit on specific day or Time after end time limit user account will automatic Log Out. With the help of this feature you can block specific program and time limit for your children. Administrator user can  set time limit and Manage Parental Control.

 Set Time Limit for Standard User



 Set Time Limit Standard User Windows 7

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1. First of all click on Start Button, then type parental Control in search box and then Click on Parental Control.

 Set Time Limit for Standard User

2. Now On the parental Control Window Click on User Account( Technet 2U) on which you want to Set Parental Control and Time Limit.

 Set Time Limit for Standard User

3. Now Enable On, enforce current Settings radio button under Parental Control and then Under Windows Settings Click on Time Limits to Enable Time Limit Parental Control For Technet 2U User Account.

 Set Time Limit for Standard User

4. Now on the Time Restriction windows Click on White Box on which Day and which time you want to Block Technet 2U User Account. Blue Box Indication for block time and day for the User. To Unblock Click on Blue Box and then Click on OK.

5. Now Again Click on Ok and then Close Parental Control Windows.

Now When Technet 2U user will log on your computer then they can only use your computer on that Time when you have allowed. White Box indication for allowed   Log time limit for user Account.

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